High School Diplomats
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What is HSD?

The High School Diplomats Program is a cultural enrichment experience that brings together high school students from Japan and the United States.

With HSD U.S. (formerly known as simply HSD), American and Japanese students travel to Princeton University for ten days of fun and cultural exchange.

With HSD Japan (formerly known as USHSD), American students can apply to travel on full scholarship to Japan for a month during the summer.

In America...

HSD U.S. is a ten-day program hosted at Princeton University allowing American students to live and interact with Japanese students.

40 students from both countries meet and learn about each other's country, culture, and life.
Learn more about HSD in America.

To Japan...

HSD Japan is an extension of the American High School Diplomats experience.

The program gives 20 former HSD participants the unique opportunity to travel to Japan and gain a better understanding of Japanese culture firsthand.
Learn more about USHSD to Japan.

Cultural Exchange

The High School Diplomats Program is sponsored by AIG General Insurance Co., Ltd. and the Freeman Foundation, and is in affiliation with NAJAS. All three groups believe that fostering a global appreciation in high school students not only benefits the participants but helps to build a foundation of cross-cultural understanding for the future.